Three Weeks of silence at the Nürburgring Nordschleife found its end past Saturday as VLN 4 unleashed the prancing beasts to the first Race, after the 24h of Nürburgring.

Nürburgring VLN 4 Gallery By MyWorldOfRacing

Furious Battle for Glory

And what a Race it was!

In a gripping Race from start to finish we experienced a close battle for the Victory of the Race.

Starting from Pole Position, the  BMW M6 GT3 from Walkenhorst Motorsport was not able to hold the peak position for long. The pressing AMGs from Black Falcon and GetSpeed Performance made no prisoners and soon passed the M6. Also Phoenix Racing, the Victorious Team from the 24 hours, had a strong start in the Race and build up pressure for the top Positions with Frank Stippler being at the wheel.

Position after Position taken, the R8 eventually climbed up to P1. From now on it was a close battle between the Phoenix Audi, the 2 Mercs and the Bimmer for the first half of the Race. Many battles were held at the Racetrack but of course also the Pit Stops were good for changes at the ranking.

Whith the driver changes done, the Phoenix Audi had to let go the leading group and a truly furious battle for the Top 3 Positions began. Driving bumper to bumper lap after lap, the spectators did hold their breath to astonishing Maneuvers and High Class Motorsports between these contendors.

Find here a Highlight Video of this phanomenal fight for Glory.

Triumphant of this battle Black Falcon Racing took the Vicotry from the AMG by GetSpeed Performance, followed by the BMW M6 by Walkenhorst Motorsport.

BOP Impressions

So, how was this furious battle possible?

In Referrence to the Nürburgring 24h Race only minor changes were being done to the BOP. The biggest under them were changes to the ignition timing for the BMW M6 and the AMG GT GT3.

These changes being done led to a quite equal basis for all Manufacturers, that there present at VLN 4. A truly epic battle was held in pursuit of the Victory.

Not only BMW and Mercedes showed strong performances, also Audi was given any weopon needed, to join the fight. Lamborghini, the 4th and last GT3 Brand at VLN 4, also was competitive during the event.

The best of 2 Lamborghinis, entered by Konrad Motorsport, finished the Race at P5, only about 30 Seconds behind the Phoenix Audi. Considering that the Konrad Lamborghini, now without Factory Driver backing, was only entered in the Pro-Am Class, this is a strong result.

The BOP makers did a good Job this time and leaves me wondering, why the Racing can´t be that close everytime.

Nürburgring VLN 4 Gallery By MyWorldOfRacing
Nürburgring VLN 4 Gallery By MyWorldOfRacing

What is about to Come?

The VLN says again good bye for three weeks, returning at the 3rd of August.

Then being held is the Highlight of every VLN Season, the 6h Race.

After a slightly reduced grid of 158 Cars at VLN 4 we can expect a bigger grid there, as it is to assume that many will return for the Highlight.

For sure Falken Motorsports will enter again their Beasts from BMW and Porsche. Being the title Sponsor of the Season Highlight we can expect the BMW M6 Cars from the Motorsport Competence Group, managing the Motorsports Activities of Rowe Motor Oil, to return to VLN.

Further it would be a big surprise if Manthey Racing would stay away from VLN again.

With that to assume we can look forward for a bigger field of GT3 Cars and even stronger competition in the SP9 Category.

All about I expect at least 180 Cars at the 6 hour Race.

Let´s see if I will be right and let us look forward to VLN 5.

Personally I will attend to the 24 hours of Spa – the biggest GT Race of the World.

You can expect reports and great pictures from the Iconic Racetrack in the Ardennes.

Until then feel free to check out my Instagram Account to experience more coverage of my time at the Race Track.

Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing
Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing

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