Infamous Eifel Weather Conditions strike at VLN 2​

This time it was Audi´s turn to show a strong performance to bring home Pole Position from BMW and in total 3 Audis into the Top five.

What could have been a very succesful day for Audi was soon the shortest Race in VLN History.

Whilst the Qualifying took place under cold but dry conditions the weather changed shortly after and about an hour before the start of the race light Snowfall started at various locations around the 24,358km long race track.

It was decided to start the race with a slight delay and just in time the snowfall went heavier when the first start group burst free from it chains.

Whilst the first group of cars approached the track section “Pflanzgarten” relatively fast only crouching around the track was possible soon after.

It went difficult to judge the condition of the track correctly for the drivers and it turned into an Ice dance on track which left not every car unharmed.

To stop the event with a red flag with only one lap completed was the right choice at this point.

As snow was lying besides the road at some track sections it was decided not to restart the race later on and so the second Race of the 2019 Season went into the history books as the shortest VLN Race.

The weekend leaves us with only to hope that VLN 3 can take place without delays, shorten races or freak weather.

At least the event was good for some quite impressive and unusal pictures that are good for  holiday greeting cards. Enjoy!

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Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing
Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing

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