On the 21st of September, a fantastic annual event in a tiny Eifel Village, called Winkel, has been celebrated for the ninth time.

The Event simply being called “Vulkan Enduro” as Winkel is placed in the “Vulkan Eifel”. A region named after the many Vulcanos that have been active aeons ago, and it is obviously, an Enduro Event of a Duration of 5 Hours.

I have been made attentive to the “Vulkan Enduro” on short notice by a friend just this year. As this was my first visit, I lost my “Vulkan Enduro” Virginity this year.

So, not knowing what to expect I was arriving in Winkel and I couldn´t believe my eyes the first thing I saw. An Enduro Bike going Steep uphill, almost vertically, straight into the woods – this couldn´t be true! But it was! I was ultimately flashed and what a sight it was, watching the girls and boys speeding uphill – absolutely staggering.

And that´s not all, it was also steep downhill, highspeed sections with wide and high jumps if the Rider had enough Balls, followed by a tricky obstacle just around the next corner and numerous varieties of routes leading to ever-challenging obstacles.

I´m really not an Enduro expert or visiting a lot of Events like this, but the track seemed to me to be established quite well in the surroundings with lots of challenges for the competitors.

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The Organisation was executed brilliantly and super Fan friendly, accessible to Spectators almost everywhere. Food and Drink Facilities were to be found at the Access Area and an after Race Party with three bands was held in the Evening. All that for fair prices and free access to the event itself.

One can only congratulate to the Organisers for implementing a fabulous Event – well done.

I will definitely attend next years Edition and celebrate with Winkel the 10 Year Anniversary of “Vulkan Enduro”. Come and join in with me by enjoying the Gallery.

Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing
Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing

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