Removes carbon build up from the entire inlet system, cylinder head and exhaust manifold.

Results are improved throttle response, restored power, performance and fuel efficiency leaving your engine running smoother and quieter and vastly reducing the emissions whilst prolonging the lifespan of your engine.

It’s a non invasive and non abrasive service. It’s 100% safe as any engine petrol or diesel can run on hydrogen alone and all we do is feed a small amount in through the air intake for 30 mins.

Results are noticeable and immediate.

  • Energy efficient: Remove engine combustion chamber carbon completely, improve engine horsepower significantly, reduce engine vibration and save on fuel consumption. 
  • No disassembly: No need to disassemble any parts of the engine (only connect to air intake)
  • Without damage: HHO gas is clean and safe, will not damage any engine parts. 
  • Environment friendly: new energy, no pollution, is representative of national energy-saving and emission-reduction.
  • Authoritative certification: Four authority certifications: ISO, CE, FCC, TUV including a dozen national patents and national quality system certification.