VLN 7 – Mercedes Domination

It was typical Nürburgring Weather Conditions at VLN 7. In mixed conditions, the Challengers of the Green Hell had hands full to do to stay on track.

It was Get Speed Performance to achieve Pole Position with their Rooster Rojo Mercedes AMG GT GT3. The Second Position was achieved again by Get Speed Performance.

It was then also the race to be dominated by the Mercedes AMG Entries ad libitum. Get Speed could defend their Pole Position and had the top 2 Spots for quite a time. In the beginning it was only the Phoenix Audi R8 to keep up with the Mercs, which had another Mercedes from the famous Mann Filter Team.

The Fan Fovourite was not in its usual, and beloved, yellow-green dress but in an all black skin.

After the Pole Setter had to face problems during the race it was the 10th Position for them at the end of the Race. The lead was held in the Get Speed Performance Family and the Vodafone Skinned Car could secure the Victory in front of the Mann Filter Mercedes.

In the end the third Position went to the best BMW M6 from Walkenhorst Motorsport followed by the Falken M6. Phoenix finished on P6 as the best Audi.

This was already the 4th Victory in a row for a Mercedes AMG GT GT3 in the Green Hell.

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Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing
Nürburgring N24 Hour by MyWorldOfRacing

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