EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads For BMW F80 M3


EBC Yellowstuff Street & Track Brake Pads – High friction from cold, not requiring warm up for street use.

  • EBC flagship fast road and light track upgrade offering maximum improvement in braking performance compared to OE.
  • Excellent cold bite coupled with high temperature fade resistance.
  • Progressive braking with unparalleled pedal feel.
  • Drastically reduced stopping distances compared to OE.
  • Brake-In™ coating for accelerated pad bed in period.
  • R90 approved (Street legal).
  • Suitable for light track use.


Vehicle Fitment: 

  • BMW M3 (Non-Ceramic): 2014-2019
  • BMW M3 CS (Non-Ceramic): 2017-2019
  • BMW M3 Competition (Non-Ceramic): 2016-2019

Delivery in 2-9 Days | Workshop Fitment Available In Gauteng;

BestDrive Midrand – 317 16th Road, Halfway House Estate, Midrand.
SupaQuick Bruma – Cnr Ernest Oppenheimer Ave & Arena Cl, Bruma Junction, Bruma.


EBC Yellowstuff Street & Track Brake Pads For BMW F80 M3

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are ECE Brake safety tested which means they must work perfectly from cold at least as good or better than stock pads.

Yellowstuff show their pedigree when hot! On Japanese cars built with lower friction FF rated pads these deliver a full grade higher stopping, and on German cars built with GG these are about the only aftermarket pads that will match or beat the pretty good German OE spec pads and that takes some doing.


High efficiency performance and race brakes for track & street use, fast to bed-in, great for street vehicle brake upgrade.

Not only a high friction pad but very resistant to heat and loads of heavy braking means that EBC Yellowstuff has been used with great success in race cars and on high speed Emergencies Services Vehicles brakes alike.

Because of its huge heat range, the applications where EBC Yellowstuff will deliver benefits range from fastest street use on higher horsepower cars and race use on most street based cars and even as a brake upgrade on Trucks and SUV.


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Race drivers love it because…

EBC Yellowstuff is an aramid fibre based brake compound with high brake effect form cold and is possibly one of the first ever compounds that can be used for Street and track driving.

These pads do not require warm up but do get even stronger under the heat of hard driving. These are not a low dust pad and if your desire is for a low dust premium street use pad, you should consider EBC Redstuff.

When considering full race use, Yellowstuff has been a strong favourite, having been used for two years in the Swedish Camaro Cup and at numerous other race events where a stock caliper system is fitted. It is also the choice of 90% of the Mazda MX5 Miata competitors in the UK race series and has an unblemished record as rotor friendly track pad for vehicles up to 3500 lbs or 1600 kilos weight.

The SCCA and NASA drivershave been testing Yellowstuff with feedback and good reports POURING in from a 543 test driver major market proving event with these groups. Read that figure again 543 test drivers.There is no guesswork here.


The POLICE love EBC Yellowstuff because…

We did some serious testing of every pad we could find with the UK police force at Bruntingthorpe airfield in the UK and got a big thumbs up from the boys in blue. Now the majority of UK Police forces use and love this product.

It has extended fleet miles and reduced their fleet operating costs and allowed Police Chase cars to drive harder and longer in blue light events.

These Police forces have been using EBC Yellowstuff for almost three years now and not one force has had an issue that has caused them to stop buying, they just want more of this fantastic brake product.

European fast street Drivers love Yellowstuff because…

Many part numbers now carry ECE R90 approval. Check with our technical department on [email protected] to confirm if this material is street legal for your model when using for highway driving within Europe where regulation 90 applies. Outside Europe just fit and enjoy, these pads are the grippiest and most impressive pads that you will have ever used. Click here for more information about ECE R90 brake safety regulations.


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