EBC RP-X™ Racing Brake Pads

following the hugely successful launch of RP-1™, EBC Brakes Racing increases its motorsport brake pad range with the introduction of EBC’s latest ultra-high-performance track & race material, RP-X™.

Designed for heavy and/or high-powered vehicles driven hard on track, RP-X™ possesses a high friction level of 0.55 between 0 – 850°C and achieves 100% brake effect from cold.

This makes RP-X™ an excellent choice for sprint racing or hill climb events, where full brake performance is essential without requiring any ‘warming up’, but also makes RP-X™ well suited to any type of circuit use where a high initial bite and powerful brake response is desirable.

EBC Balanced Brake kits

EBC Racing would like to emphasise that it is not a case of RP-X™ being ‘better’ than RP-1™, rather it is ‘different’ and designed to provide a distinctly different response characteristic (more aggressive bite) which some drivers may prefer.

For a detailed comparison between the 2 materials, please read the following article where EBC aims to help you make an informed choice on which material is likely to work best for your application and individual driving style:


EBC Balanced Brake kits

Performance Guarantee (UK Only)

Love these pads or return them for a full refund.

EBC Brakes are so confident you’ll be amazed by the performance of these pads they offer a no-quibble returns policy.

Terms and conditions of performance guarantee

  • Offer is only valid if pads are not worn below the wear groove
  • Only one return of 1 set of pads will be permitted per customer and proof of purchase must be provided
  • Offer only applies to pads purchased and used within the UK
  • In event of authorised return, customer pays return carriage
  • Limited time offer only and EBC reserves the right to terminate this offer at its discretion without notice
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